Earth   &   Air   Tides

New sudies have shown that not only are there tides in the oceans but also in the earth and the air. Only recently, with very highly sensitive instruments, have scientists been able to see a tidal range of about twenty two inches. Compared to the oceans tides, that number is very small, but still a change is occurring every day. Also, this crustal tide is due to the same factor as the ocean tides, the sun and the moon. WE can niether se, nor feel it, because like on a ship o the sea, we move with the crust's flood and ebb. How did scientists then figure out the earth was movieng, when even the instruments on it would be moving as well? As I said, highly sensitive instruments were used, such as the horizontal pendulum, and the gravimeter, they are used to measure the amount of gravitational pull from the moon. There is a set standard for these measurments, and after every possible precaution was taken to make sure there were no errors, and the tests were done, there showed a smaller gravitational pull from the moon. The only feasable explanation was that the earth itself had moved, and the instruments with it, altreing the gravtiational pull from the moon. Proving that the earth does, infact, have tides! Like the oceans, the earth has tow high tides, and two low, the average range being between eight and twelve inches. Also, the flooding and ebbing of the sea auses a downward and upward tilt of the land. When the ocean's tides are rising millions of gallons of water move into coastal reagions, adding pressure and pushing the land down. When the ocean tides ebb, it relases the pressure, and the crust tilts upward. This wave of motion does not only at end coastal regions though, it extends far inland. A man named Pierre Simon de Laplace, discovered tides in the air. It took him eight years of reading his barometer every day four times a day to come to the conclusion that the air also flows similarly to the ocean tides. Puzzlingly, though, these tides did not follow the moon, as did the ocean, and earth tides, no these tides followed the clock. High tides were at 10:00 am and pm, and low tides were at 4:00 am and pm. Unlike ocean tides, that flow an hour later each day, these times remained constant, disproving the theory that the tides are following the sun and moon. Scientists now beleive that they followed the heat of the sun, and that was what caused the pressure to rise and fall. There i some tidal movement like that of the oceans, in the air, but to a very small eatent. Furhter studies are being done in the outer atmosphere, we have yet to know.

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